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Prevention is the best way to protect your investment and improve the safety of your aircraft. Regular treatments with ACF-50 help reduce maintenance cost.

ACF-50 is even more effective because of the methods of application and equipment developed by Lear Chemical Research. The advanced corrosion control properties of ACF-50 protect both the airframe and avionics systems.

ACF-50 are in use by the US government.

ACF-50 has endorsements or approvals from nineteen airframe OEM's and meets anti-corrosion performance requirements for members of the industry including AIRBUS, Boeing, Douglas, and Mil-Spec. The FAA recognizes ACF-50 as a "suitable corrosion preventative compound."

ACF-50 is available in convenient package sizes to handle your application requirements and you have a choice of two applicators systems depending on the number of aircraft to be treated.

13 oz. Aerosol Spray Can (12/Case)

1 Gallon Container with Spray

5 Gallon Pail

Mini Spray Applicator System

Standard Spray Applicator System


View and print the Material Data Sheet for ACF-50